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50 Creative Custom Pc Cases Designs

Personal Computers have been the most important tool for work for centuries. If you are designer, you cant work work without computer, because of course you you use some of photo editing software. But what exactly comes in your mind when you think about a PC? Almost for all of us, PC’s are still that boring and mundane combination of Monitor, CPU and Keyboard. But that doesn’t limit our creativity in anyway. We have compiled below some of the most innovative and custom creative PC case designs that takes the same boring concept of PC to the next level of creativity and if you’re a designer, creative pc case design will looks better in your office interiors and will add attention of your clients.

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Traditional Way

Traditional Way Pc Design

Computer Treasure

Computer Treasure Pc Design

Growing Plants

Growing Plants Pc Design

The Radiator

The Radiator Pc Design

Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin Pc Design

Pink Computer Case

Pink Computer Case

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Pc Design

Burning Red Hot

Burning Red Hot Pc Design

Liquid Control

Liquid Control Pc Design


Voltammeter Pc Design

Nuclear Bomb

Nuclear Bomb Pc Design

The Timer

The Timer Design

Alien House

Alien House Pc Design

Mass Destruction

Mass Destruction Pc Design

Wild Racer

Wild Racer Pc Design

True Elegance

True Elegance Pc Design

The Other Planet

The Other Planet

Open it up

Open it up


The SUN Pc Design


Reflective Pc Design

Logical Balls

Logical Balls Pc Design

The Green Station

The Green Station

I am Gizmo

I am Gizmo Pc Design

Double Sided

Double Sided Design

The Robot

The Robot Pc Design

Big Aquarium

Big Aquarium

Bottle CPU

Bottle CPU Pc Design


The HULK Pc Design

The Maid PC

The Maid PC

Alien Robot

Alien Robot Pc Design

Steampunk Design

Steampunk Design

Computer Case Mod On Tracks

Computer Case Mod On Tracks

Retro Zenith Computer Case Mod

Retro Zenith Computer Case Mod

Soap USA Vehicles

Soap USA Vehicles

Military Computer Case Mod

Military Computer Case Mod

Custom PC

Custom PC

Creative Puffy Pillow PC

Creative Puffy Pillow PC

The EA Stadium

The EA Stadium pc design

Need for speed

Need for speed pc design

The Early Age

The Early Age Pc Design

The Blue

The Blue Pc Design

Red Beast

Red Beast Pc Design

The Aquarium

The Aquarium Pc Design

Spicy Lights

Spicy Lights Pc Design

Cool Master

Cool Master Pc Design

Green Skinned

Green Skinned Pc Design

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal Pc Design

IBM Styled

IBM Styled Pc Design

Multi Functionality

Multi Functionality Pc Design

The Oven

The Oven Pc Design

Custom Pc Cases For Sell


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  • Nikunj say:

    Some day I make my own super computer

  • Swat Chap say:

    pretty cool pc cases

  • David say:

    Are these computer cases for sale ? and how do I order ?

    Thank You

  • Gamer417 say:

    Some of these custom pc cases are out of this world, incredible work! Great collection.

  • J say:



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