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Avatar Movie Inspired Designers Artworks

Last time the most important news in the cinema industry was the statement that the Avatar movie became the most profitable film of all time. For me, it was not surprising, because watching this film I was pleasantly surprised by high quality of this movie. As you know the movie is about the planet Pandora and its indigenous race Navi. This movie inspired me to make a photoshop tutorial about Avatar movie poster. Avatar movie was inspired not only me. Looked at deviantART community, I noticed that a lot of designers designing their works of art of the Avatar movie basis. This led me to create this article, where I summarized the best artworks of designers that where created inspired by the Avatar movie. If you are the Avatar movie fan, these works you must interested in.

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-Avatar- by Blue-moon402

-Avatar- by blue-moon402

Avatar by Patrickbrown

Avatar by patrickbrown

Avatar by Gavwoodhouse

AVATAR by ~gavwoodhouse

Avatar Na’vi by MrDExArts

Avatar Navi by ~mrDExArts

Avatar Wallpaper by Azurelle

Avatar Wallpaper by =Azurelle

Avatar by Binoched

AVATAR by ~Binoched

Neytiri avatar by Hollow-Moon-Art

neytiri avatar by ~Hollow-Moon-Art

Avatar by Stacialune

Avatar by ~Stacialune

Avatar Neytiri by SanguisGelidus

Avatar Neytiri by ~sanguisGelidus

Avatar Movie by PixelAnge

Avatar Movie by ~PixelAnge

Avatar by Katsuya-nara

Avatar by =katsuya-nara

Avatar by Eggar919

Avatar by ~Eggar919

Avatar randomz by Lintufriikki

Avatar randomz by =Lintufriikki

Na’vi – Avatar by SamuraiChopstick

Navi - Avatar by =SamuraiChopstick

Avatar by JenKristo

AVATAR by ~JenKristo

Avatar: The Game by DoubleJ333

AVATAR : THE GAME by ~DoubleJ333

Avatar Lovin’ by TwiggyMcBones

Avatar Lovin by ~TwiggyMcBones

My Avatar by Fey-Rayen

MY AVATAR by ~Fey-Rayen

Feel the peace – Avatar by Zardra

Feel the peace - Avatar by Zardra

Avatar – The Game by He1z

Avatar - The Game by =he1z

Neytiri Avatar by VagabondBastard

Neytiri Avatar by VagabondBastard

Avatar by Conzpiracy

Avatar by conzpiracy

Avatar: Daughter of Pandora by Grantgoboom

Avatar: Daughter of Pandora by ~grantgoboom

My avatar by Melllorine

my avatar by ~Melllorine

Avatar by Narrated

Avatar by narrated

Avatar by Anocha

Avatar by ~Anocha

Neytiri and Jake – Avatar by ProfelisAurata

Neytiri and Jake - Avatar by =ProfelisAurata

Avatar – Neytiri by TsukiyomiKichigai

AVATAR - Neytiri by *TsukiyomiKichigai

Avatar by Gyanfar

Avatar by Gyanfar

Oel ngati kameie – Avatar by ProfelisAurata

Oel ngati kameie - Avatar by =ProfelisAurata

Jake Sully, Avatar by Mad-dragon249

Jake Sully, Avatar by =mad-dragon249

Avatar Tribute – James Cameron by BKcreation

Avatar Tribute - James Cameron by ~BKcreation

Avatar by Corsare

Avatar by ~corsare

Avatar – Na’vi paradise – by DavinArfel

Avatar - Na'vi paradise - by DavinArfel

Avatar by Vehemel

Avatar by ~Vehemel

Avatar by LimreiArt

AVATAR by ~LimreiArt

Avatar – Embrace by Binoched

Avatar - Embrace by ~Binoched

Soul Brothers-Avatar by Looklooklookitabook

Soul Brothers-Avatar by looklooklookitabook

Avatar Poster by Vangarde

Avatar Poster by ~Vangarde

Avatar by Tman2009

AVATAR by ~tman2009

Neytiri Avatar – I see you by Kurama-fox

Neytiri Avatar - I see you by =kurama-fox

Avatar -Moonlit Night- by JenKristo

AVATAR -Moonlit Night- by ~JenKristo

Merry Christmas with my Avatar by Akikaze-art

Merry Christmas with my Avatar by ~akikaze-art

My Avatar by IcyBootWoot

My Avatar by ~IcyBootWoot

Pandora by Jamajurabaev

Pandora by jamajurabaev

Pandora – Avatar by Eneada

Pandora - Avatar by ~Eneada

Pandora night by DerMonkey

pandora night by DerMonkey

Avatar – Leonopteryx by Iguana-Teteia

Avatar - Leonopteryx by Iguana-Teteia

Welcome to pandora by D0ll-Fac3

welcome to pandora by D0ll-Fac3

Avatar: Jake Sully-Na’vi by Boy-Meets-Hero

Avatar: Jake Sully-Navi by ~Boy-Meets-Hero

Avatar Wallpaper by PixelAnge

Avatar Wallpaper by ~PixelAnge

Toruk Makto – Avatar by VanillaXD

Toruk Makto - Avatar by ~VanillaXD

Avatar by Mamekui

Avatar by =Mamekui

Neytiri by Chikinrise

Neytiri by chikinrise

Avatar – Banshee by Iguana-Teteia

Avatar - Banshee by Iguana-Teteia


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