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70 Creative Business Card Design Inspiration

Business cards bearing main business information about your company or yourself as a freelancer. These cards are necessary part of business kit and gives first impression about your business deal. Business card purpose is to tell what you do and give the recipient a way to contact you. Typically most of the business cards are simple black text on white stock, but you can choose other way. You can use very creative business card design with unusual colors or shapes that reflect what the person does. Especially for designers it is very important to used unusual business cards from unusual materials and design elements to show your creativity. As you will notice in this article, business cards are made even of metal, chocolates and biscuits. To inspire you we gives you 70 creative, fresh and unique Business card design ideas.

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I Am Tiago

I am Tiago


plexiglass business cards

Marietomeoki – Artist Business Card

Marietomeoki.com - Artist Business Card



Silk Business Card by PremiumCards

Silk Business Card by PremiumCards.net

Versátil. Diseño Estratégico

Versátil. Diseño estratégico

Black Heart Brewery

Black Heart Brewery

Wood Business Cards

Wood business cards

M1 Business Card

m1 business card

LOBO Design

LOBO Design Logo And Business Card

Dots Business Card

Dots Business Card

Black Businesscards “Famepix”

Black Businesscards Famepix

Sophie’s Business Cards

Sophies Business Cards

Consultoria Doublethick

Consultoria Doublethick Business Card

Lethal Dose Design

Lethal Dose Business Card Design

Nebula Design Card

Nebula design card

Bokeh Flame Card

Bokeh flame card

Tattoo Business Card

Tattoo Business Card

Coolest Holographic BusinessCard

Coolest Holographic BusinessCard

Rda Business Card

rda business card

Metal Steel Business Cards

metal steel business cards

Clear Transparent Business Cards Architect Group

Clear transparent business cards Architect Group

Metal (Stainless Steel)

Metal (stainless steel) business cards



Pirate Treasure Map Cards

Pirate Treasure Map Cards

Carleton Creative Cards

Carleton Creative cards

Alessandro Gugliotta Business Card

alessandro gugliotta business card

Derek Powazek Business Card

derek powazek business card


distillery business card


justinas business card

Hrj Business Card

hrj business card

Eleven 2

eleven 2 business card

Thomas Wood Products

thomas wood products business card


googleame business card

Perle Creative Business Card

perle creative business card

Rhino Studio

rhino studio business card

Musical Comb Business Card Modhair

musical comb business card modhair

Dreamten Business Card

dreamten business card

Grass Texture Business Card

grass texture business card

Logeen Metal

logeen metal business card

Uno Design


Robby Cornish

robby cornish





Daves Makes

daves makes

Six Speed

six speed

Penelope Jones

penelope jones

Steve Bargas

steve bargas

Alan Valek Business Card

alan valek business card





S.Mohd Business Card

S.Mohd Business Card

Jake Mates Business Card

Jake Mates Business Card

Simon Laszlo Business Card

Simon Laszlo Business Card

Broke Bike Alley’s Metal

Broke Bike Alleys Metal Business Card

Letterpress Business Card

Letterpress Business Card

Sidebar Creative

Sidebar Creative

Cookie Business Card

Cookie Business Card

Chocolate Business Card

Chocolate Business Card

BC Adventure Meat

BC Adventure Meat Business Card

Clear Plastic Business Cards

clear plastic business cards

Transparent Business Card

Transparent Business Card

MOSS Business Cards

MOSS Business Cards

Negativity Business Card – Back

Negativity Business Card - Back

Albert Hwang’s Business Card

Albert Hwangs Business Card


BigPackMedia business card

Mark Johnson Business Card

Mark Johnson Business Card

Laser Cut Business Card

Laser Cut Business Card

Ups Business Card

Ups Business Card


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  • kids games say:

    These are stunning! Wow, what a way to make an impression

  • The Flyer Pub say:

    Derek Powazek Business Card is unreal.

  • Hichame merhari say:

    I like this one ” Mark Johnson Business Card ” Simple and professional ! thanx for sharing !

  • Ken Business Card say:

    I really love Albert Hwang business card ! That’s very creative & unique.

  • Web design resources say:

    Great summary, amazing styles in there!


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