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Astonishing Showcase of 50 Funny Caricatures

A lot of people are unaware of what a caricature is. A caricature can be defined as an exaggerated pictorial representation of a person where their distinctive features are portrayed in a peculiar manner. Basically the intentional distortion of the subject is the main trait that differentiates a caricature from drawing a portrait and these distortions are what make a caricature so funny. Since the features of a subject are what makes them recognizable therefore creating these distortions in caricatures is quite a tricky task.

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When creating caricatures there is always the risk of that the likeness of the subject might get lost once these features are fooled around with. Thus the minimized features on the subjects need to be understood and the maximized features on the subject need to be over maximized in order to maintain their likeness. The likeness can be lost supposedly if the large mouth of a person is minimized by going against the grain. When drawing a caricature of someone, being aware of the human face and knowing how to draw portraits of people is quite essential. Not only are caricatures quite artistic but they are a great way of giving people some good laughs. Hopefully in this article summarizes the caricatures will make you smile. Overall, we found 50 funny celebrity caricatures, and also some simply fun pictures that will lift your mood. Enjoy

Dr. Jones Caricature (Image Source: Crisdelara04)

Dr. Jones Caricature

Royal Wedding Caricature (Image Source: DarDesign)

Royal Wedding Caricature

House MD Caricature (Image Source: Jarah)

House MD Caricature

Angelina Jolie (Image Source: PixelTribe)

Angelina Jolie

S Spielberg Caricature (Image Source: Dugazm)

s spielberg caricature

Hulk Hogan Caricature (Image Source: Jubhubmubfub)

Hulk Hogan Caricature

Caricature Comissioned (Image Source: Wilsonjr)

Caricature comissioned

Will Smith (Image Source: Mrpeculiar)

Will smith

Amy Winehouse Caricature (Image Source: Kiddac)

Amy Winehouse Caricature

Dexter Caricature (Image Source: Castello)

Dexter caricature

John Locke (Image Source: AnthonyGeoffroy)

John Locke

Morgan Freeman Caricature (Image Source: Prosn)

Morgan Freeman caricature

Marilyn Monroe Caricature (Image Source: Manohead)

Marilyn Monroe Caricature

Digital Caricature (Image Source: Caricatalia)

Digital caricature

Jesse Jane (Image Source: Edvanderlinden)

Jesse Jane

Shakira (Image Source: Edvanderlinden)


Harry Potter Caricature (Image Source: GuitarSadam)

Harry Potter caricature

Vin Diesel Caricature (Image Source: Rogs73)

Vin Diesel Caricature

Pirates Of The Caribbean (Image Source: MizuAkiraYuu)

Pirates Of The Caribbean

Russell Crowe (Image Source: RahulUjjal)

Russell Crowe

Louis De Funes (Image Source: S1yk)

Louis de Funes

Caricature Albert Einstein (Image Source: Crazedude)

Caricature Albert Einstein

Robert DeNiro Caricature (Image Source: Anthonygeoffroy)

Robert DeNiro caricature

John Travolta Caricature (Image Source: Courtjones)

John Travolta Caricature

Bruce Willis Caricature (Image Source: Jonmoss77)

Bruce Willis Caricature

Brad Pitt Caricature (Image Source: Showboatentertainment)

brad pitt caricature

Sylvester Stallone Caricature (Image Source: Thewondrous)

sylvester stallone Caricature

Gogue Elvis (Image Source: Aboutfacesentertainers)

gogue elvis

Rod Stewart Caricature (Image Source: Subdude-site)

rod stewart caricature

David Beckham Caricature Picture (Image Source: Footballpictures)

David Beckham caricature Picture

Sean Connery Caricature (Image Source: Freefacebookpics)

Sean Connery caricature

Penelope Cruz Caricature (Image Source: Freefacebookpics)

penelope cruz Caricature

Arnold Schwarzenegger Caricature (Image Source: Freefacebookpics)

arnold schwarzenegger Caricature

Kobe Bryant (Image Source: Toonpool)

kobe bryant Caricature

Jay Leno (Image Source: Aboutfacesentertainers)

Jay Leno Caricature

Celebration Caricature (Image Source: Pomomusings)

celebration Caricature

House M.D. Caricature (Image Source: My DotPress)

House M.D. caricature

Celebrity Caricatures – Leonardo Dicaprio (Image Source: Chong Jit Leong)

Celebrity caricatures - Leonardo Dicaprio

Digital Caricature Of Mick Jagger (Image Source: Chong Jit Leong)

digital caricature of Mick Jagger

Caricature Seinfeld (Image Source: Nelson Santos)

Caricature Seinfeld

Celebrity Caricatures – Jim Carrey (Image Source: Chong Jit Leong)

Celebrity caricatures - Jim Carrey

Rihanna Caricature (Image Source: Nelsonsantos)

Rihanna caricature

Al Pacino (Image Source: Layron DeJarnette)

Al Pacino

Rihanna (Image Source: Sodahead)


Conan The Barbian (Image Source: Rumahabi)

Conan The Barbian

Lady Gaga (Image Source: Sportcartoons)

Lady Gaga

David Caruso (Image Source: Anthony Geoffroy)

David Caruso

Snoop Dogg (Image Source: Anthony Geoffroy)

snoop dogg

Rambo (Image Source: Bangalore-Monkey)


Steven Seagal (Image Source: Parpa)

Steven Seagal


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    LOL, some of these are pretty hilarious :D
    Thank you for sharing!

  • Nora Reed say:

    Wonderful Graphic design work! this is Awesome to see it! thanks :)


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