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55 Superb Examples of Light Art Performance Photography

One of most interesting technique in Adobe Photoshop is light effects. That is obvious, but only some of you probably know that you can create light effect without Photoshop. How? There is one type of photography, called Light Art Performance Photography. According Wikipedia Light, Art Performance Photography is a technique in the photography to emphasize landscapes, sceneries and objects with light. It’s a symbiotic art between a performance with light and a shutter that’s open for a long time. Here below we would like to introduce you with this cool type of photography and show you 55 superb examples of light art performance photography.

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Instinctive Spell by { tcb }

Instinctive Spell

Beanyfield Drilltest by Hobsonish

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Antiparticle 2.0 by { tcb }

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13 Responses

  • Childmonster say:

    Nice art work :)

  • Vladimir say:

    Very nice collection of images… looks pretty real :)

  • Lightstorys say:

    Thank You, for show our Pictures!!!

    Greets from Germany
    Lightstorys Team

  • Franz say:

    Amazing! Really!
    How were the lights made? I mean… is it postproduction or with lasers or electric lights swirling around?

  • Mike say:

    Lovely work here! I work with TCB and the man is one adventurous dude. haha LAPP is more about the adventure than just the finished photo… The places that are hidden and unique that NO one touches are the best.

    Check out some of my work with TCB here…


  • jay say:

    How this is made? These are all shots with long shutterspeed.

    No post production or photoshop is needed.

    Camera on a tripod. Long shutterspeed,
    Artist paint swith all kind of lightsources during the exposure.
    From leds to fireworks.

  • techwench say:

    hats off for the photography
    thanks!!! for sharing

  • Tommy Baker say:

    Every one of those photos are actually stunning. Really really impressed. Will have to give this a go myself sometime!!

    amazing work guys!

  • Lorenzo say:

    Please give me an answer!
    want to know how to do this kind off pohtografics, what sort off light and stuff how its made:D!!!


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