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Canvas Photo Printing

Pictures of your good times make for some wonderful memories and ought to be preserved well. If you love to display your most cherished pictures on the walls of your room, you may consider putting them on framed canvases. Canvas photo printing is the art of transferring a digital image, or a photographic print, as a picture on to a canvas. From those treasured black and white images reminiscent of great times to your most recent pictures, you can transfer any image on a canvas.

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Over the years, we have seen several changes in the techniques of photography. Thanks to digital photography, pictures clicked can be procured instantly. With software like Adobe Photoshop, pictures can also be optimized to perfection. The well-known canvas art was integrated with latest photo printing technology for canvas photo printing.

You can add to the beauty and life span of pictures by printing digital photos on canvas using high-end printing technology. The texture and overall quality of the picture is also greatly improved when you use the right technique for canvas art printing. You can restore any old photograph and reproduce it on the canvas print, making it look as good as new. A printed photograph may not last very long – it is vulnerable to sunlight, moisture and tends to fade with time. As against this, canvas prints last for up to 100 years – so your pictures actually stay fresh for generations to come.

Printing your pictures on to canvas

The canvas used for printing of photographs is made up of pure cotton. Being acid free, it does not turn yellowish with time. If you wish to print a picture for which you just have a hard copy, it must be scanned and converted into a digital format. Digitally stored pictures can be easily transferred on to canvas. For the best results, you should choose an image with high resolution. A picture in TIFF or PNG file would give good results.

The actual process of printing the picture is a little complicated and most people prefer to get the job done by professionals. Certain canvas print professionals also offer the option of choosing particular styles of pictures to their clients. You can therefore ask for some special effects on the final picture and get your canvas photo prints with a modern or classical touch. Pictures that you want to transfer on to a canvas must be chosen with utmost care. The clarity of the picture is reflected in the print. If the picture selected has a blur then the defect is likely to increase when enlarged or stretched during the process of being printed onto the canvas. It is also important to ensure that the resolution of your picture is proportionate to the canvas size. The larger the canvas, the higher the resolution that is required.

Though printing pictures on canvas may come at a price, keeping your beautiful memories fresh and long lasting is priceless. Canvas prints also make for a memorable and personal gift.


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