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30 ways to become a successful freelancer

Freelance is one of the online business growing at a faster rate. Like every other business, this business also has three parties involved. These are service buyer, service provider and the intermediary. Freelance site is the intermediary through which the service buyer and the service provider come in contact. Success is not easy in any business and so same is the case with freelance business also. Freelancers need to work hard to get success.

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Freelancers face problems mainly in their beginning stage when they don’t have any rating. Freelancers can be successful but to get success they should have patience, work hard and follow top 30 ways to become a successful freelancer. The top 30 ways discussed covers the solution to the problems of beginners. These ways explain how to get the project, how to ask for the payment, how to get and give rating and what to do in case of any problems or dispute.

Top 30 ways to become a successful freelancer

There are hundreds of online businesses growing and freelance is one of those business. To become a successful freelancer, you must follow certain tips.

1. Join as many forums as possible. The membership of maximum forums will help you to discuss your projects and problems with more freelancers.

2. Join as many freelance sites as possible. Remember to join only those freelance sites that offer the escrow features so that your payment is always secure.

3. Join as many social networking sites as possible such as orkut, facebook etc. The members of social networking sites may help you technically in your projects.

4. Analyze the difference between real and fake projects and only work to get real projects. A serious project creator will never try to avoid the escrow payment. A serious project creator will also be very clear about his project requirements and budget of the project. Don’t waste time over fake projects created by other freelancers.

5. Be concerned about the reputation of the project creator because a reputed project creator will never create problems for his service provider.

6. Try your best to get a project by making your bid offer better than bid placed by other freelancers. Your bid amount and timeframe should be reasonable.

7. If the project creator contacts you and ask for any details then provide him all the details as requested. Remember not to write your email or messenger ID in your private messages before the project is awarded to you because then your account may be suspended by the freelance site. You can tell your contact details only after the project is given to you.

8. Always be specific in communicating with your client. Provide only those details that are asked and no need to talk much.

9. In the excitement to get a project, never make promises that you cannot fulfill because that would finally result in an unsatisfied client who may also give you a negative rating. Rating is very important to build the reputation of freelancers so try to avoid such type of situations.

10. If a client asks you to do some sample work then check his rating and if the client doesn’t have any rating then ask the client to tell more about him and if the client cannot answer satisfactorily then don’t bother to do the sample work because the client may only be interested in the free sample work.

11. If the client who hold good rating asks for sample work then put your best to complete his sample work in time. Be honest to yourself and if you think you cannot complete sample work as needed then hire another expert to do the sample work because then you won’t loose your client and if the client is retained then you can earn profit in future if not this time. For example, if the project is to develop a website and the client ask to code a script for “Contact Us” page then do your best to make this form. Design the form and check the design of form in the latest versions of Internet explorer, Mozilla etc. After designing is completed, use javascript to put validations on the compulsory fields such as if someone enters their email in the incorrect format like abc.com@123 then on clicking the submit button, the user should be warned that the email he wrote is in incorrect format and he should write his email in the correct format like abc@123.com .

12. Don’t compromise too much in rates to get the project because your client may loose confidence in your services. You may also suffer throughout the project if you have reduced your rates too much because every project needs time and if you are giving time then you should be paid for it.

13. Once your client awards you a project then accept the project without any delay because few hours of delay also may turn your project to some other bidder.

14. Provide your client that email only that you check regularly and answer the queries of your client as quickly as possible.

15. Along with your email, also use messenger service regularly. Client may have yahoo messenger, MSN, Gtalk, skype or any other so to be successful you should be registered in all these. Messenger service is a better option to get faster replies and you can solve all your queries within minutes.

16. After getting project, if you feel that you are not good at one or more parts then don’t hesitate to take help from other freelancer to assist you in finishing your task. To take help from other freelancers, you can post a project in a separate freelance site. You can also use buy, sell section of any forum like DP to hire a freelancer. You can also take help from your contacts of social networking sites.

17. If you feel that it is better and profitable to outsource the whole project, then post the project with similar description and guidelines without any delay. Remember not to post your project in the same freelance site from where you got this project. You can post your project to any other freelance site or you may also use buy, sell section of any forum like DP. This is because the similar project in the same freelance site may also be seen by your client.

18. Your identity should be kept secret. If you are taking help from others then remember that your buyer name should be different from provider name. This is because your client should have no idea that you are taking help from others or not and if you are taking help then who are the people helping you.

19. If you are sending your work of other freelancers assisting you, then never send the work without thoroughly checking because a single mistake may deviate your client to other service providers. Thoroughly check the work for any possible errors. Sometimes beginners may also play a trick to send any message directly to the client through work that you are sending to your client. Freelancers may do so to get the projects directly from your client and increase their earning so check the work thoroughly for any type of messages.

20. Communicate the feedback of your client to your team members or other hired freelancers. Communicate the queries of your team members and other hired freelancers to your client properly and safely to avoid any problems.

21. Never differentiate between clients paying low and high. This means that you should not prefer to give more time to client paying high and keep ignoring the client paying low because a low paying client may turn to a high paying client if satisfied.

22. Be careful about payment matter and try to ask for the escrow payment in parts. Ask for the release of one escrow payment before another escrow is created.

23. Try to be online for maximum hours of day because your quick availability will help to retain faith of your client in your services.

24. Try to provide maximum satisfaction level to your clients because high degree of satisfaction may bring more business to you from the same client. If a client is satisfied, he may also bring more clients to you.

25. After all the project requirements are met, the payment is completed and the client is satisfied from you, then ask your client to rate your services and write nice comments because his positive comments would bring more projects to you. After he rate your services, then you should also post nice comments and rating for your client. Alternatively, if your client is not satisfied from your services then don’t ask for any payment and try to end the project without any rating because his dissatisfaction will be shown in his comments. One negative rating is equal to ten positive rating because everyone will see the negative comments first and think negatively about you so try to avoid negative comments.

26. Always learn from your failure. Try to find the reason of your failure and never repeat your mistakes because repetition of mistakes will again bring failure.

27. Try to avoid any type of disputes with any freelancer because disputes can never bring success but will waste your time only. If you face any disputes in freelance sites then share your problems with the customer service section of the freelance site.

28. The success of your business reside in the strength of your team members so your team members should be specialized in different services. For example, if your business is web design and development then you should have writers, data entry operators, SEO experts, designers, developers in various technologies such as PHP, Perl, .net, Java etc and experts to test the functionality of the site.

29. You should manage both offline and online team for your projects. You need to pay regularly to your offline team members but pay online team members only on hire basis. Online team members should be there to train your employees and help you in your difficult projects.

30. Follow all the above instructions carefully. Sending greeting cards designed in photoshop to your clients on special occasions such as new year because this is also a way to keep your name in the memory of your clients.


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