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8 Tips to Establish Victory over Designer’s Creativity Block

You are a successful designer. Clients are queued up to get the work done from you. Hurried, you switch on your computer screen and start making a….making a….what? Lost for ideas? Crap! Empty screen, blank mind, zero innovation, what should you do? You know you have potential but you somehow are clueless how to trigger that inspiration right now. When your muse seems to have change sides, the given tricks are sure to be enough to lure her in your favor and get your creative juices flowing:

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1. Unconventional Stimulation

Use of similar ideas and the usual thought process can dry your creative mind in no time. Boredom and monotony starts to rule your work. Try doing something that is totally different from what you normally do and you will break free from it all. You may start with experimenting a little with your usual daily activities and tastes. For instance, if reading is what instills new ideas in your mind, you may want to read a fantasy story this time than the ghastly novels that you normally read. Unconventional activities can get you to explore an entirely new world of ideas. Besides, it is amazing how detailed descriptions of a scene or a place in a book can get you to your new big designing idea.

2. Time To Unwind

Drain yourself in work day and night and your creative drought is bound to surface within a few days. Go on a trip, take a sound and sufficient nap, socialize, play music, dance your night to glory or simply take a walk amidst beautiful nature. Have fun! Do anything that you enjoy except designing, for the moment. Stress of piled up work, fear of failure, frustration of being less creative, keep all your work-related thoughts at bay for some time. As these negative thoughts and tiredness vanish from your psyche, you feel rejuvenated and your repressed, innovative thoughts would surface once again.

listening to music

3. Doodle Without Any Rules

Sketching of concepts or ideas before starting a new project is a common undertaking for graphic designers. Doodling on a blank paper unblocks the imagination for many. Let loose your spirit and draw anything that comes to your mind. Do not get into much analysis of rules or technicality. It does not matter if it is not related to your current project. It is even fine if it is not good. Drawing often helps you get past your conformist ideas and opens your brain to fresh ideas.

4. Hold onto Your Inspirations

The best way to do this is to set everything aside and try out your new idea right away. If this is not an option, do not forget to make some notes or sketch it, to get back to that idea when you have time. It may seem that we would be able to recall the idea without any notes or help. But do not take a chance or you may end up in that dreaded blank state when you have nothing instant to your rescue.

5. Learn New Techniques

Seek guidance as you follow tutorials written by experienced designers of the field. As you learn new techniques and polish your skills further, you can implement these techniques to your current project and come out with flying colors. This is one of the best ways to add onto both your creativity and designing skills.

6. Capture Ideas

Carry a camera everywhere with you and click any visual thing that appeals to you. Keep them all in a folder, different materials, fonts, structures, colors and concepts, and go through them when your brain goes creatively numb.

7. Appreciate Different Art Forms

It may be dance, sculpture, art, photography, animation, music or any other form of art, observe things carefully. It is amazing how your mind absorbs creative influence from a wide assortment of resources and interprets it to your advantage in your designing.

8. Use Thesaurus

Searching for the main keyword of your theme in thesaurus can sometimes allow you to see the concept with an entirely different perspective or approach, which again can give you new ideas to work upon.

Armed with these tips, you always have ways to jump over the seemingly insurmountable wall of creativity block. Lubricate your weary mind with the right mood, freshness, and inspiration and your muse would gladly shower its blessings on you.

What’s Your Story?

So, what was your experience with creativity block? Did you fight your way out of it or did you doubt your creativity skills? What are the things that made you triumph over it? Share it all with us in the comments section.


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