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Free Html5 WordPress Theme – Quacker

I love to code. I like to see how from nothing developing something beautiful. I am not professional web designer or coder, it is just my hobby and I am still improve my skills. For last few weeks I try to code WordPress theme. That is simple elegant Html5 theme with theme options and some features. I didn’t know what to do with it, therefore I decide to give it to you, dear readers. If you will like it, you can use it for your blog without any limitations and I hope to get feedback and suggestions.

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I try to make is stylish based on Html5 and Css3 standards and with Jquery effects, but in same time make it simple. In demo you will see that I add 2 different effects for menu: for top menu cool hover effect and for main menu simple sexy drop-down effect. Also I add stylish image preloading effect that will help you little bit speed up your blog.

Tested on WordPress 3.1 and works perfectly. Also when you will add new posts, it is easy to add featured image: functions are build in.

Also I add some theme functions. For example, you in theme option page can easily enable BSA settings and add sponsored banners widget. Also you can easy change social networking links and enable search widget.

As it is my first theme (of course except Psdeluxe official theme) that I want to give to Psdeluxe readers, and I am not professional coder, just enthusiast :), please don’t yell on me, but give suggestions for future works or maybe suggest to not to do that :). But if I will get good feedback, I can guaranty that I will work more and later will add more free themes.


Free Html5 WordPress Theme - Quacker





View Quacker Theme in Action – Demo


  • It is Free
  • With Html5 standards
  • Light and speedy – with few images and light stylesheet css and javascript files
  • Clean and simple design
  • Theme setting page allows you to quickly add BSA codes and banners, change social networking links and enable search function.
  • Full with jquery effects

Download Html5 WordPress Theme – Quacker



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