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The Interface | Photoshops Tutorial

Photoshop has more tools and options than Elements, as you’d expect, but this extra power doesn’t mean that you have to jump through hoops to get to something. Photoshop hasn’t got a reputation as being the best photo editor around for no reason.

It isn’t a cheap program, by any standard, but it is also incredibly powerful and once you start to learn how to use it, you will realize that anything is possible. Here simple Photoshop Tutorials  about the interface.

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The Interface – Photoshop Tutorials

The main interface consists of a large window, which is where your current project is seen., you can open more than one image at a time. In older versions of Photoshop, these will be shown in different, individual windows that you can switch between. In more recent versions of program, multiple images are shown in tabs, exactly as you might have seen on an internet browser when you have more than one page open. Down the right of the screen are all your open palettes, and down the left is the toolbar, for accessing all the tools in Photoshop.

Photoshop Tutorial

In the top right of the screen, you will see the word Essentials, and this refers to the workspace that you have open. We will looks at this in more detail on later in the book, but workspace are present layouts for the Photoshop Interface that opens just the palettes that you need for a specific task. You can even create your own custom layout.

Unlike Photoshop Elements, there aren’t set workspace for sharing or creating different projects, but there are a few sharing options in there if you know where to look… and will later in the book!

Once you start to learn how to use Photoshop, you will realize that anything is possible.

Getting Around

Tool Option bar

When you pick a tool, the options in this top bar will change an give you more control over that tool.

Fly-out menus

Whenever you see a little arrow in the bottom-right corner of any of the tool icons, it means there are other tool waiting to be des-covered. Adobe has been clever in how the tools are arranged, with similar tools being housed together. To access these hidden gems, click on the toll icon with the arrow and keep your mouse button held down. A fly-out menu will, erm, fly out, reveling the other tools. Scroll down and let go of your mouse button to select the one you want.

Mini Bridge

Bridge Photoshop’s way of managing images and lets you navigate through folders on your hard drive. It is a powerful tool and has more than enough options to warrant a book of its own. CSS also boasts the Mini Bridge feature, which works within the Photoshop interface.

01: Toolbar

Many of your ‘go to’ tools will be found in the toolbar. Accessing one of the tools it just a case of clicking on the tool icon for it to be activated

02: Menu Bar

These menus are drop-down menus, so you get to see the contents by clicking one of the headers to make them drop down

03: Workspaces

Photoshop has prepared some workspace that you can use for specific tasks. The defult is the Essentials, but we’ll look at them in detail later.

04: Palettes

These are the backbone to all the other tools and commands, giving you extra functionality and control. One of the most useful is Layers.

05: 3D in CS5

Photoshop has been flirting with 3D for a little while now. Don’t dismiss this as too complicated – you can create amazing titles and shapes easly.

06: Main Window

Any time you open or file you create will appear in this area. You can zoom in and out and use the Navigator (top-right corner) to see where you are.


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