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Clientophilic Freelancing eBook Giveaway

This week we will have a quick small contest. This time five lucky Psdeluxe readers will get copy of e-Book – Clientophilic Freelancing. This e-book will be very useful for freelancers, who has just started career and looking for clients as well as e-book will be useful for professional freelancers to learn how you can expand your customer base. This will be a quick one-week giveaway in which to participate you don’t need to register, or to follow or to do anything else complicated, so I invite you to try your luck and participate in this giveaway.

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Clientophilic Freelancing

About The Prize

As I said at this time we give you chance to get the copy of e-book Clientophilic Freelancing. What is Clientophilic Freelancing anyway?

Clientophilic Freelancing is a revolutionary new book which focuses on one critical aspect of a freelancer’s career, pitching to a client and making the sale. The book was born out of the frustration of there being a lack of credible resources that freelancers can use as a guide in their everyday business. Clientophilic Freelancing is a deep 89 page tool which explores the psychology involved in client interactions and gets down to the nitty gritty of making the sale itself. More about this ebook you can check on Clientophilic Freelancing official website.

e-Book - Clientophilic Freelancing

How to win

As always, it is very simple on Psdeluxe to get some extra freebie. Just leave a comment below this article and thats it … after a week in your e-mail you will get copy of this useful e-book.

P.s. please use only valid e-mails, because we will send copies only to emails that you used to adding comment.

Winners announcement

To clarify the lucky owners of these e-books we will use Random.org service so that everything would be fair. Giveaway will end on Friday 16 July and Saturday 17 July we will notify the winners.

Since the giveaway will continue just one week, don’t linger and join: leave comment.

Good luck to all participants.


18 Responses

  • Carrie say:

    Great post. Looks like a good book.

  • Cheri Allbritton say:

    the art depicted is excellent! from an observer on the sidelines, graphic designs never cease to amaze me. that’s one of the reasons I love selling paper to the printing and designing markets.

  • Clipping Path say:

    wow! awesome post! thanks a lot for sharing :)

  • Mustafa say:

    Everytime I open your webpage I find which is always benefit for the readers of this blog. Thank you once again.

  • Loyce Hood say:

    Sounds like an interesting book. Thank you!

  • Sandra D say:

    Nice idea! this book looks great for new freelancers as I’m. thanks

  • Steve Robillard say:

    Looks like a great book especially since this was something I had to learn when going out on my own.

  • Dirk Boersma say:

    I am uncertain how to do this process, so this e-book would help me tremendously. It looks like an original idea for a book about winning clients. Thanks!

  • Alex say:

    Look nice.
    Just as I need.
    Thank you.

  • g3niuz say:

    great giveaway- looks like a cool giveaway ;D

  • baneriukas say:

    I need it!!! I think this book will be great…

  • Amit say:

    It looks really interesting, I would surely like to read it. Thank you.

  • Dcurvez say:

    great posting :), have been thinking about shuting the 9-5 work me till my knuckles bleed life o mine LOL…and getting into freelancing from the home. this book would probably come in handy as a great starting point!

  • Steve say:

    As a freelancer, this would be interesting to me.

  • Claudiu Andrei say:

    I’m a freelancer and this book sounds so cool.

  • Michela Cappelli say:

    Great! I would love to have a copy of it!

  • Emilio say:

    It never hurts to try! Cool site btw. :D

  • Rob say:

    Looks like a very helpful book. I found a few helpful templates for contracts and such at http://www.sessions.edu/Design-Career-Center/Design-Tools/Freelance-Design-Contracts-Templates.asp?fmid=0 as well


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