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Custom Facebook Templates Giveaway

This week Psdeluxe has partnered with Fbml-templates. Fbml-templates Provides custom unique and professional Facebook templates and this week Fbml-templates is graciously giving away 5 FBML license for their products. As you know Facebook fan page is great traffic source for blogs and unique page template will make your fan page prominent. Check it how to get free Facebook template.

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About The Prize

As I said 5 lucky participants will get 1 FBML license for Fbml-templates products (custom Facebook template) each. Facebook page templates are the templates for Facebook custom fan pages. All FBML page templates on Fbml-templates comes with installation manual and tutorials on how to customize your fan page. All templates support new Facebook format 520px! You can check all templates in Fbml-templates shop.

About Fbml-templates

On Fbml-templates you will find probebly the biggest collection of quality facebook templates: any genre, any functionality. Fbml-templates offer impressive engaging facebook templates along with a set of tools and tutorials for promoting your business on Facebook. On Fbml-templates you will find not only custom Facebook templates but also useful Facebook tutorials that will helps you improve your Social media profile.

How to win

As always, it is very simple on Psdeluxe to get some extra freebies. Just leave a comment below this article and thats it … after a week we will announce 5 lucky winners how will get custom Facebook template.
P.s. please use only valid e-mails, because we will send copies only to emails that you used to adding comment.

Winners announcement

To clarify the lucky owners of these Facebook templates we will use Random.org service so that everything would be fair. Giveaway will end on Sunday 26 September and Monday 27 September we will notify the winners. Since the giveaway will continue just one week, don’t linger and join: leave comment.
Good luck to all participants.


32 Responses

  • Lisa say:

    Excellent! Great timing for me because I was just trying to convince several clients that should give serious thought to having a Facebook Landing Page. Not to mention I need one for myself!

  • Hecke say:

    Tralla nice templates! Would love to have a license!

  • Steve Robillard say:

    This would be a great way to set up our presence on Facebook

  • Robert Silva say:

    First to comment! Great blog and great overall contest!

  • Nan say:

    My group is starting an online presence trying to reach out to potential new members and teach our community about autism. A rockin’ facebook page would be, well, rockin’ *grimmace* :-)

  • Erikson say:

    Nice templates! I’d like to try this new Facbook templates.

  • Informatics say:

    Using these nice templates, I’m sure I can get more traffic to the fan page.

  • Rene P say:

    Good stuff. Would love to see them on our FB-site.

  • fahmy say:

    As usual simple and nice contest post, i never use FBML hope i can try it… :)

  • inkalpixels say:

    Great share, really !

  • Adam say:

    Great giveaway would love to win, thanks

  • Pedro Lourenço say:

    Hello I have “Psdeluxe” in my browser’s bookmarks, I’m still at the beginning
    in phtoshop therefore count on the help of this site, thanks! I use facebook
    angrier for visits to my blog, so I’d love to have a custom template
    in faceboock. Ps Thanks again!

  • Kenshin say:

    I could use a FB template :) Count me in!

  • Araz say:

    i just like that contest. Its interesting too. I have fan pages so dont i try here? Hahaha

  • Kevin say:

    i would love this so much

  • Nice say:

    Nice Giveaway Mate! Thanks.
    Would like to give Fbml-templates a try.

  • Yannis Larios say:

    What a great way to enhance your Facebook presence in the most professional way! Much appreciated!

  • Anne say:

    I would love to win a FB template. I look forward to hearing who the winners are!

  • Steve say:

    That’s some really cool Facebook designs. I’m a photographer myself so I really interested in your portfolio template. Thanks for this opportunity guys.

  • k19s say:

    Hi, great giveaway please count me in


  • yfyl say:

    Interesting giveaway, first time to hear about it, hopeful can try it!

  • KaYaN say:

    Hi, great giveaway..
    This is that I’m waiting for..New template for facebook..Have been searching this for so long..
    Would love to win.. :)


  • Justin DiMucci say:

    Wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one of these licenses to play around with a custom facebook fan page.

  • Bage say:

    I wish to have one to promote my new community site.


  • Robbert Ravensbergen say:

    Great, thanks for the opportunity! Especially now that Facebook is getting bigger and bigger here in Europe as well this is a very welcome giveaway!

  • Amr Boghdady say:

    Wow, I really envy the winners :D

  • corker say:


    Please count me in.


  • Jon Gray say:

    Thanks for all the great stumbles! Great site you have here.

  • Razvan say:

    I wish to have one to promote my Facebook page.

  • vero3Dweb say:

    What a good idea! I am just thinking in doing me a FB Fan Page… :-) Thanks to Fbml-templates for this contest!

  • Sergey say:

    This is really good info! Also i tell about Free Facebook Templates. At http://www.FacebookPageTemplates.com everyone can find facebook template and download it. Create your own unique facebook fan page!

  • Victor say:

    Firs of all, it is really cool that you guys are making this. Now I have the chance to get a free template to my Cancer Shelter Community Service Page… Im in HighSchool right now, there I am leading this activity. It would be really nice.


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