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PSD to HTML service discount to Psdeluxe readers

Great news to all Psdeluxe readers. Soon it will be Christmas and it is time to give gifts to close friends. For Psdeluxe the most important people are you: our dear visitors. This is the first Christmas when Psdeluxe celebrate Christmas with you, and so we want give you some gifts. This time we with teamed up with QualityXHTML to give you discount PSD to xHTML/CSS conversion service. This discount entitles you to great savings on any order you make from QualityXHTML, read on to find out more.

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About the Offer

As we said, Psdeluxe and QualityXHTML gives you discount to PSD to HTML services. The discount amount is 20% from all of your orders. That means, that standard price on QualityXHTML to convert one PSD/PNG to HTML is 80$ and with Psdeluxe’s 20% discount it will be only 64$. I think this is very affordable price for high quality PSD to HTML conversion, and is definitely the cheapest. That means, that from each page conversion you have extra 16$ for gifts to your friends. :)

How to get discount?

The answer is simple: nothing. You don’t need re-tweet or write a comment or subscribe to the Psdeluxe feed. The discount is available to all Psdeluxe readers who read this article, which means you will have to do one small thing to claim your discount. But I have only one favor: as I said earlier this discount will get all Psdeluxe readers, so I hope you aren’t avaricious and will share with this news with your friends, because maybe you dont need this discount, but some of your friends need, so they will have extra money maybe for gift to you. :)

How Does It Work?

So, to get the discount, you simply need to go to QualityXHTML.com order page, add all necessary details for your order and in Advanced Options > More options, write that you are a Psdeluxe reader, or “Psdeluxe rocks” or “I love Psdeluxe” or what ever you like. Just make sure you mention Psdeluxe somewhere and you will automatically get the 20% discount (which is applied when an invoice is sent to you).

About Qualityxhtml.

Pixel-perfect PSD to xHTML/CSS Coding

Whether you require PSD to xHTML/CSS conversion, software integration or a content management system, Qualityxhtml professional team of coders and directors will deliver a high-quality solution tailored precisely to your specifications. All of Qualityxhtml works are W3C standards compliant, search engine friendly, load-speed optimized and compatible with all popular web browsers, so you can be assured that you will receive the highest standard of quality possible. What’s more, you will also receive excellent customer support and communication both throughout your project and after it is complete. To find out exactly what Qualityxhtml can do for you and your business, take a look at Qualityxhtml extensive list of services or contact Qualityxhtml.

We will also be offering more gifts to our readers in the future, so I suggest you to subscribe to the Psdeluxe feed, so you can keep updated with all the offers. Also by subscribing to our feed you will get latest design news and photoshop tutorials.


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