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Elements: Create options

Photoshop Elements has a dedicated interface for all kinds of photo projects, so you can do more with your pics

It’s so easy to build up a massive collections of Photos that sit on your desktop and do nothing, gathering digital dust and forgotten about. As we ave mentioned, there are a number of different interfaces within Photoshop Elements, which each deal with different tasks. Here we are taking a look at the Create interface, which promises to give a new lease of life to these Photographs.

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This enables you to create exciting photo projects from within Photoshop Elements, including books, calendars and more. Each project guides you through step by step, and you can pick templates, add text, upload images and more, without any prior knowledge. Your can select images to add to your projects from the Elements Organizer, or from your computer, and then it’s time for the fun part – experimenting!

You can keep trying out new ideas again and again, as nothing is set in stone. When you are done, you can use the dedicated Adobe Photoshop Services to get your project printed professionally. There are also online suppliers for some of the categories that you can choose from, including Kodak Gallery and Shutterfly. You can even use the Create interface to order prints from your photo library.

This is a really plus point of the Elements software, and it is not something that you will find the standard Photoshop version. There is a real emphasis on creating and sharing, doing more with your photos.

“Create exciting photo projects from within Elements, including books, calendars and more”


You sill see a selection of printing options here too, which enable you to do more than the standard Print menu as you can send pictures to be directly printed by an online supplier.

Creative Options

Down the right-hand side are all of the options for what you can create using Photoshop Elements, which are all easy-to-follow guides.

Open Images

Your open images are here in the Project Bin, but when you choose to start a new photo project, you will be able to go back in and select more images to use.


Each project gives you a choice of templates that you can use as you create your product, and you can customize these with text and images.

01 Photo Book

The classic presentation method, the Photo Book is as popular as ever. Design the book through Elements, then order it online.

02 Greeting Card

A really fun way to personalize greetings cards for birthday, Christmas and any other occasion. It’s really easy to create as well.

03 Photo Calendar

This is purchased through Adobe Photoshop Service, wich enables you to get your calendar design printed and bound.

04 Photo Collage

A lovely way to show off lots of your images in one go, you can have a lot of fun with your collage projects and get creative with text too.

05 Slideshow

A simple way of displaying your photos, you can add pictures and music, then burn them DVD to give as gift.

06 PhotoStamps

An unusual use for your photos, you can create postage stamps from any photo, but you need to sign up to be able to order you stamps for use.


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