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How To Create Dirty Dancer Composition in Photoshop

In our new tutorial you will learn hot to create dirty dancer composition in Photoshop. For this tutorial you need basic Photoshop knowledgeable, as we will work with basic Photoshop tools, like burn tool, brushes, filters and others. As you can see from the preview, with the basic knowledge and a little effort, we will be able to create a stunning effect. So, lets start to work.

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Final Image Preview

Sexy Vinyl

Stocks Used

Step 1

First create a new document in Photoshop – Width 1000px Height 1500px and 300dpi.

Sexy Vinyl

Step 2

Create a Radial Gradient Overlay, Gray (#4e4f50) to White (#ffffff).

Sexy Vinyl

Step 3

Open the render and paste in the center. Desaturate (Shift+ctrl+u), you can use Burn tool to darken a bit whit a soft brush 200px Range: Highlights and Exposure: 26%.

Sexy Vinyl

Step 4

Open the picture of the women. Remove the White background whit the Magic Wand Tool: Tolerance: 15, and paste above of the render.
Then Duplicate the layer "Girl", applies a
Filter > Other > High Pass (1.8px), then
Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask Amount (33% Radios: 1.1 Threshold: 0). The layer must be in overlay. merge down the two pictures of the women
Use the Transform tool to make a little smaller.

Sexy Vinyl

Use the Burn tool we used earlier with the same parameters.
Darken the girl a few times. Then Desaturate (Shift+ctrl+u).
The girl, delete the legs with the Eraser using a soft brush: 110px, erasing a little dress to match with the render.

Sexy Vinyl

Step 5

Duplicate the render, put it above the layer of women, then add a layer mask, delete with a solid black brush some parts of the render to look like this:

Sexy Vinyl

Step 6

Open the Vinyl disc and drag in your document. Use Transform tool to make a little smaller and put on the top, move it in the right corner to duplicate it and put it on the left and make it slightly smaller. You can play with Hue/saturation for the colors. Use the Burn tool we used earlier with the same parameters. Darken the Vinyls. Erase the parts of the vinyls to match with the render.

Sexy Vinyl

Step 7

Create new layer below others and take a black grunge brush. Paint some parts to look like this.

Sexy Vinyl

Step 8

Open the Cosmic light and drag layer on the top, put the layer on Screen. Then use the Transform tool to create cosmic light it seems like a S. Duplicate the layer and put it down until the end, create layer mask on the first cosmic light and erase the part of the body. Create a new layer above the render mask, with a soft white brush 100px create a point at the elbow, again create a new layer use a green soft brush 15 px and create a spot change the layer mode Linear dodge.

Sexy Vinyl

Step 9

Open the Grunge circles and use the Transform tool to make more little, create a layer down the circles and use a with soft brusk to make the lights behind, create a new layer and again paint with a blue brush and put the layer mode to Linear dodge and finally finished

Sexy Vinyl

Final Result: Sexy Dirty Dancer

Sexy Vinyl

Download Psd file


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