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Goddess Cadeira Photo Effect in Photshop

Today we will show you how from your usual image create hot sexy photo effect. This photo effect is primarily devised for women, but I thing mans also can get cool result. In this photoshop tutorial we will use some layers styles, photoshop basic tools and we will works with lights, a lot. This effect isn’t hard to make, but as you can see it is effective. So, lets start to learn.

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Final Image Preview

sexy goddess photo effect


Create a new document 1260×1024, 72 resolution and 8 bits, rgb color. Now open your image and duplicate, name this layer “Model”.
sexy goddess photo effect


Go to your model layer copy and desaturate (Ctrl+Alt+U). Now let’s adjust the levels. Press (Ctrl+L) in the dialog set: 50,1.00,255 or follow this settings below:

sexy goddess photo effect


Return to your background layer and double-click the padlock to unlock. Time to add a layers style in our background, go to Layer -> Layer style -> Gradient overlay. In the layers style panel choose Gradient overlay -> Style radial and colors FFFFFF & 6B6B6B or follow settings.

sexy goddess photo effect


Add a new layer above others and name this layer clouds. Go to this link and download the clouds brush pack . Now paint some clouds over the feet and legs model’s.

sexy goddess photo effect


Now let’s put some white lines on the legs model. Add a new layer and name “White lines”. Select pen tool (press P), now make some curve lines around model legs, when you finish the path choose a hard round standard brush with 1px. Press P again to choose pen tool. Now click with the right mouse button and select stroke path with simulate pressure active and hit ok, then (press E) for erase tool and erase some areas.

sexy goddess photo effect


Let’s add some more effects to our image. Now let’s highlight the images with lights. Creat a new layer and name “Bright lines”. This time (press M) for rectangular marquee tool, let’s create a rectangle. With our rectangle ready, choose the brush tool and with a soft airbrush 400px (white color) paint inside the rectangle, follow the example of figure. When you finish deselect the rectangle and press Ctrl + T. Now let’s change the size of the shape created. Follow the example of figure. Ctrl+T and rotate line to 45g.

sexy goddess photo effect


Ctrl+j to copy the bright lines layer and hide original bright layer for now. In the bright lines copy press Ctrl+T to resize line. Now let’s create a great glow effect by copying this line several times. Copy and resize then press Ctrl +T, right click in your mouse then choose flip horizontal. We will repeat this process until create a bright star and then we put all these layers together with the command Ctrl + E. When you will finish, rename this layer “Bright star”. Copy the layer bright star and place in other parts of the model body.

sexy goddess photo effect

sexy goddess photo effect


sexy goddess photo effect


Return to Layer bright line and turn its visibility. Now let’s copy this line replace and resize. Use Crtl+T to resize and use move tool (press V) to replace. Copy and place in other parts of the image to create a beautiful lines visual. Put some lines behind the model also. When you finish Ctrl+E and merge this layers together.

sexy goddess photo effect


It’s time to put a little color to our image. Return to the copy layer “Model” and select the pen tool (press P) and create a path around the bikini. When you finish your path right click in your mouse and choose make selection in the dialog box then hit ok. After this just press delete button to delete this area. The colored part of the original model will appear.

sexy goddess photo effect


Now let’s create some squares with blue colors. Create a new layer and name “Squares”, choose the rectangular marquee tool (press M), press alt key and create a perfect square. Now use the eyedropper tool (press I) to take an example of bikini blue color. Then fill the square selection with this blue color. Don´t deselect the square. Now drag the selection to the side and fill with a lighter blue. Repeat the process and now drag down and fill with white color. See the example of the figure created. When you finish the square go to Filter>Pixelate>Mosaic and cell size 60 the hit ok. Copy this square layer (Ctrl+J) and put on other parts of the model. Now change the blend mode to this squares layers to soft light with 50% opacity. You can merge (Ctrl+E) or goup (Ctrl+G) together now.

sexy goddess photo effect


Now lets add some swirls, flowers and sparkles. Go to clouds layers and download The swirl and flowers brush pack. Now paint near the feets. Still in the clouds layer choose a small air brush with 15px and paint in some areas with different sizes. Follow an example image :

sexy goddess photo effect


Lets add some shadows in the ground. Add a new layer below the model layer and choose a mediun airbrush with 100px (press B) make a horizontal line as shown and paint below models feets. Then go to Filter>Blur>Motion blur, angle 0 and distance 999. Chane blend mode layer to soft light with 65% opacity. Then press Ctrl+F and repeat the process.

sexy goddess photo effect


For the last part add a new layer above all others and name triangle. Choose the polygonal lasso tool (press L) use the polygonal lasso tool to create this triangle shape like the image, then (press G) for gradient tool and radial to mode, choose white color and drag from the bottom to up to fill. Then deselect and repeat the same process with other triangles shapes with different colors. Change layer opacity to 40%.

sexy goddess photo effect


This is a optional step. If your image is over sharpened choose Smudge tool (press R), normal to mode and 10% to strength and drag on the body in the same direction of the image. Do it slowly.

Result: Sexy goddess photo effect

sexy goddess photo effect

Download Psd file


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  • theone say:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful and well explained tutorial, all of them thanks a lot.

  • ayoub say:

    hello , beautiful tutorial especially the resources used :)
    thank a lot .

  • Wouter say:

    Hey, I don’t really understand how to create the Lightning things at Step 6

  • peter say:

    sexy indeed.

  • zikiz say:

    Hi, i have problem…i cant see all steps. My last one step is the seccond. Where is problem? :(

  • Dainis say:

    Hi, zikiz. Problem is solved :)

  • cynthia say:

    i dont understand step 6 at all !


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