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How to Mix Hand Drawing Sketch With Photo

In this Photoshop tutorial we will show you how to create nice unique photo effect from sketch and your photo. We will use many tools in Photoshop and also you will need some skills in drawing as to create this effect you will need to draw sketch. Also in this tutorial you will be able to learn the Photoshop technique how to use sketch and combine it with a real picture, as a result you will get a very unique and fantastic effect. So lets start to learn.

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Final Image Preview

Hand Drawing Sketch


Open a new document with (w:900px and h:1355px), and white background.

Hand Drawing Sketch


Now open your main image, in this case I used a image of a boy found in Crestock.com. Name this layer “Boy”. Now use the tool of your choice to extract the background photo, I used the Pen tool (press P) and created a layer mask to extract the image.When you finish tracing the path around the image click the right mouse button and choose make selection.then in the layers palette click on the Add layer mask button to extract the image.

Hand Drawing Sketch


Now use a simple superimposition technique to draw some elements in the composition. Print a copy of the image and use as a base to add some elements to it. Follow the examples of the images below to get an idea of how to do this. There is no rule in this stage, just follow your imagination.

Hand Drawing Sketch

Hand Drawing Sketch

When you are satisfied with the sketches, scan the sketches and open in Photoshop. Position the sketches above “Boy” layer and use Select -> Color range with fuzziness 120 and hit ok to select the black areas of the sketch. If everything is right you have something like this image. Now name this layer sketch.

Hand Drawing Sketch


I used this texture of metal to form the background. You can download this texture here or you can get it by download Psd file of this tutorial below. Open the metal texture an place above background layer, name this layer “Texture”. Change the blend mode layer to Multiply and opacity to 30%. Use Burn tool (press O) to burn some areas in our texture.

Hand Drawing Sketch


Create a new layer below the layer “Boy”. Download some water paint brushes and splatter brushes from Deviantart. Use Eyedropper tool (press I), to get a color swatch of the clothing image. Pick a color sample of the shirt, pants and arms. Use different opacities and create a new layer for each color. Then press Ctrl+G and group all brush color tighter, name this group “Body brushes”.

Hand Drawing Sketch


Return the “Boy” layer and click the Layer mask to hide some areas of the image. This process will integrate the brush and the sketches in the image. Choose a water paint or splatter brush with black color and use different opacity, start paint over the mask to hide some areas.

Hand Drawing Sketch


Create a new layer and name “Shadows”. Select the Lasso tool (press L) and adjust the feather to 30px. Create a shape on the floor to simulate a shadow. Right click, select Fill to fill with black color.

Hand Drawing Sketch

Then go to Filter -> Blur -> Motion blur (angle 0, distance 999px) and reduce the layer opacity to 40%.

Hand Drawing Sketch

Copy this layer press Ctrl+J and reduce opacity to 30%. In the layers pallet select all shadows layer together and press Ctrl+G to group this layers.

Hand Drawing Sketch


Create a new layer, name this layer “Line circles”. Select Elliptical marquee tool (press M), hold shift key and draw a perfect circle, then go to Edit -> Stroke: 3px black to color and hit ok.With selection active go to Select -> Transform selection and reduce the size of the circle, use 1px black color this time. Put this layer above “Texture” layer.

Hand Drawing Sketch

Add a layer mask ( click in the layer mask button ) in the layers pallet and hide some areas to create a nice effect. Change color to black and use water paint brushes or splatter brushes with black color and low opacity to hide some areas.

Hand Drawing Sketch


Create another layer and name it “Black bars”. Select Rectangular marquee tool (press M), and draw some black bars like the image bellow.

Hand Drawing Sketch

Press Ctrl+T and rotate 45 degrees. One more time press layer mask icon in the layers pallet, select color black and use Brush tool to hide some areas.

Hand Drawing Sketch

When you finish reduce layer opacity to 20% or 10%. Then group (press G) “Line circles” and “Black bars” layers together, name this group “Circle effects”.

Hand Drawing Sketch


Almost done. Create a new layer and call this layer “Black lines”. Use Pen tool (press P) and create angles and intersecting lines.

Hand Drawing Sketch

Open brush panel and adjust spacing to 425%, select a hard round brush with black color and 1px, press P to Pen tool right click and choose Stroke path without simulate pressure and hit ok.

Hand Drawing Sketch

Repeat this process in other areas, make some circles too, try make things like angles. Make straight lines and dotted lines on separate layers. Finish this step masking or erase some areas in this lines. Group all black lines layers together.

Hand Drawing Sketch


If you want to add a boom box in the composition, follow the steps that were shown above, repeat steps 2 through 6.

Hand Drawing Sketch


Last step. Select Eyedropper tool (press I), take a sample of skin color and paint around the eyes. Use low opacity to paint.

Hand Drawing Sketch

Final Result: Hand Drawing Sketch With Photo Effect

Hand Drawing Sketch

Download Psd file

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