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Photoshop Elements : Share

Don’t keep your images to yourself; let everyone see and enjoy them with Elements’ built-in Share options

We are living in a digital world, where sharing ideas, images, text and well, anything, is easily done via the web. Photoshop Elements has obviously been following this trend and has incorporated the sharing options into the main interface.

There are the classic option here, such as sending images via email to friends and relatives. However, there are some more modern integrations, such as direct upload to Facebook and Flickr. Photoshop Elements will prepare your images for upload and then post them to your account.

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The engine that Elements uses is faster than the one on Facebook, for example, as it does the compression using your computer’s power so that when it uploads to Facebook it does so in a flash. There are other options here too, but we have focused on the ones that are the most popular.

Sharing images is great if you have family and friends spread around the country, or the world, as it lets them instantly see what you have been up to. Even better, if you have organized your images with the Organizer and tagged people in your pictures 9see page 26 for more on this), these tags are automatically added to Facebook – a real timesaver.

We’ll have a closer look at some of the built-in Share options over these two pages, but check out our full Output section, starting from page 232, where we have loads of vreative ideas for what you can do with your photos, and Photoshop artworks.

“There are some more modern integrations, such as direct upload to Facebook and Flickr”

Facebook tagging

Tag your photos using the Elements Organizer, which even does a lot of the hard work for you by tagging familiar subjects for you, and these will be translated straight into Facebook – clever stuff!

Online galleries

Supported galleries here include Flickr and SmugMug. As long as you have an online account, then you can directly upload your photos to these sites from Elements.


This is a clever piece of technology. These are connected photo frames, to which images can be sent from anywhere. So, if you have frame or someone you know does, you can send images to it from Elements.

Photo Mail

This is really a fancy email. You can embed your photos within a decorated template, with loads of customizable options to play with, that can then be sent out to your email contacs.

01 Online Album

Use this option if you want to upload a set of pictures to your own web page, so that you can share your images with your friend

02 Email

You can instantly attach a picture to an email via your desktop account by using this option. It’s super-simple and it’s quicker too.

03 Flickr

The world’s best-know photo-sharing site is at your fingerprints. Once you have an account, then you can quickly add images to your albums.


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