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Bicker with Light Effects in Photoshop

Hello dear Psdeluxe readers. Today we offer you to learn a light effect techniques in Photoshop. In this Photoshop tutorial our friend Richardo will share one of his tricks how he works with light effects in Photoshop artworks. In this tutorial you will learn how easily using Adobe Photoshop you can create such a biker light effect. In tutorial all steps are described in details, so I think you will have no difficulty learning this effect.

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Final Image Preview

Bicker with Light Effects


Create a new layer with 1260×1024 size and name this layer back ground. Open your image. Press Ctrl + A to select the image, Ctrl + C to copy the image, then return to your original document and press Ctrl + V to paste the image, name this layer biker. Resize the image if necessary Atrl+T.

Bicker with Light Effects

Bicker with Light Effects


Now we’ll create the displace effect using the brush tool. Download the Splater brushes. Create a new layer, go to Layer > New Layer and name this layer “brush”. This layer will be deleted later. Now I’ll show how to create this Splater or displace effect. I´ll choose the tire to start. Then you just repeat the same process in other areas of the image. Choose your brush package that was loaded (press B) and paint over any area of the tire (follow the image below as reference), then go to Select > Load selection. Now turn off the visibility of brush layer and go to our biker layer, then with selection active press Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste into a new layer. Now use move tool (press V) to drag a little bit our splater effects or use arrows keys. Now what you should do is repeat the same process in other parts. Name this layer “splater fx”. Repeat as many times as you want then merge all splater effects layers together (ctrl+e) ok.

Bicker with Light Effects

Bicker with Light Effects


After merge all “splater fx” layers together, it is time to create our light effects. Create a new layer and name front tire effect, then, select the pen tool (press p) and draw a line around the tire. Follow the image bellow as reference. Then (press B) for brush tool, choose a standard soft round brush with 13px, right click in your mouse select stroke path and hit ok to create our line. Let´s add some layer style, go to Layer > Layer style >Outer glow and follow this settings, blend mode: linear dodge, opacity 100%, size 6px and color fe8300, do not change the other settings. Follow image bellow as reference.

Bicker with Light Effects

Bicker with Light Effects

Bicker with Light Effects


Now copy front tire fx layer and rename front tire motion. Go to Filter > Blur > Motion blur, angle -42 and distance 50, hit ok. Change blend mode to Overlay.

Bicker with Light Effects


Return to your front tire effect layer and copy again Ctrl+J, rename front tire gaussian. Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur, radius 9px and hit ok. Change blend mode to overlay. Finally, all you need to do is repeat the same process on the rear tire ok. When you finally finish with front tire gaussian and front tire motion layers return to you front tire effect layer and reduce the opacity to 60%.

Bicker with Light Effects

Bicker with Light Effects



Create a new layer and name lines effects. Choose pen tool (press P) and create some paths like image bellow. Then right click in your mouse, choose stroke path and hit ok. Then you can use the same layers style of step 3 in you lines effects layer.

Bicker with Light Effects


Copy layer line effects and rename line effects motion. Go to Filter > Blur > Motion blur, angle-42 and distance 50 hit ok.

Bicker with Light Effects


Creat a new layer and name bike lines, make a few more lines on the bike, but this time use a smaller brush with 2 or 3 px. Use pen tool to create the paths (press P) then right click in your mouse choose stroke path with simulate pressure active, hit ok. One more time I can use the same layer style of step 3.

Bicker with Light Effects


Copy the bike lines layer Ctrl+J and rename bike lines distort. Go to Filter > Liquefy. Choose forward Warp tool, brush size 10px, brush density 50 and brush pressure 50. Then start to distort the lines. When you are satisfied with the result hit ok.

Bicker with Light Effects

Bicker with Light Effects


Now let’s put the more lights. Create a new layer and name shine. Select Rectangular Marquee tool ( press M) and make a square like image bellow. Fill the square with black color, go to Edit > Fill. Then go to Filter > Render > Lens flare. Brightness 100% and lens type 50-300mm zoom, hit ok. Now change the blend mode to screen and drag it over the biker shoulder. Copy the shine layer and replace in other parts.

Bicker with Light Effects

Bicker with Light Effects


Lets create something like a star. Create a new layer and name star, choose brush tool (press B), with a hard round brush 100px paint anywhere on the image. Then press Ctrl+T to resize. Follow the images bellow as reference, hit enter when you finish, now copy this layer Ctrl+J and Ctrl+T, right click, choose rotate 90cw and marge these two layers together Ctrl+E. When you finish resize Ctrl+T and put the star over some areas in your image to create more effects.

Bicker with Light Effects

Bicker with Light Effects

Bicker with Light Effects


This is the easiest step. Create a new layer and name withe balls. Now choose a soft round brush (press B), with 20 px and start paint around the biker body. Use different sizes of brushes. Follow the image as reference again.

Bicker with Light Effects

Note: if you want you can group all the light effects layers together when you finish. I’ll stop here, but you can add more effects on the biker body if you wish. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and please forgive the possible errors of grammar. I promise I will try to improve my English. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact the psdeluxe.com or visit my on line portfolio and leave your suggestion. Thanks.

Result: Bicker with Light Effects

Bicker with Light Effects

Download Psd file


18 Responses

  • Design Hippo say:

    Brilliant tutorial. Such an awesome effect. Bookmarked.

  • Emmy say:

    This tutorial is awesome. Trying to learn all i can and start contributing also. Thanks a million. You are an inspiration.

  • Brett Widmann say:

    This is a really cool tutorial! I’ll be trying this on more images of my own. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hisham say:

    I must thank you for such an Inspirational tutorial, lot of techniques but simple and easy to implement, and don’t worry about your english, more important not to forget mentioning (choosing the tool) before continuing the explanation so we do not try it on wrong tool and try to sequence the instructional images logically first then second so the reader follow right.
    Great piece .. thunx …

  • Harmanov say:

    Awesome tutorial. I have a question though, step12 and the final image have different color tones, could you please tell me how you did it. I’m new to photo editing, and I’m having problem finding good color correction tutorials. Yours is awesome.

  • Aysun say:

    There are some differences between Step12 image and the result one. You missed some points, clearly important ones. The tire glows and lines in step12 image look worse than the result image.
    I didn’t do the tutorial, but i read carefully, so I assume there is something about the opacity and brush sizes.
    Still, great tutorial, thank you for it !

  • Anderson Hon say:

    Thanks for this great post! It has been extremely useful. I hope that you will continue posting your knowledge with us.

  • Daniel say:

    really great tutorial, it is true there are missing some important steps, but overall anyone understand your idea. So, keep up the good work!


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