Published on Fri, Apr-10-2009 by Dainis

Lightning from Hands

In this photoshop tutorial you will learn how create lightning from hand. Very interesting tutorial to create amazing effect.

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Final Image Preview

lightning form hands


Find good photo for this effect. I suggest to you find photo where are hands are up, like man is going to shoot lightning. We choose this photo:

lightning form hands


Now you need create new image. Size: 700 * 200 pixels.


Take Gradient tool. Fill all layer with back and with colors, using Gradient tool. When you use Gradient tool, you need click Shrift.

lightning form hands


Now go to Filter -> Render -> Difference clouds and then click Ctrl + I.


lightning form hands


Go to Image -> Adjustments -> Levels or Ctrl + L. Establish such options:

lightning form hands


Now duplicate this layer to you photo with man: Layer-> Duplicate layer.

lightning form hands


Now activate layer with lightning. Go to Edit -> Free transform and turn lightning to hand.

lightning form hands


Change Blending mode to Screen. No take erase tool and erase axle corners.

lightning form hands


Now repeat steps from 2 to 8 several times.

lightning form hands


Almost finished. Now we need colorized lightning. For then go to Image -> Adjustments -> Hue Saturation and establish such options:

lightning form hands


lightning form hands


Now we need create reflection from lightning. For that create new layer. Using brush draw reflection to mans arms and head.


And final step. Change Blanding mode for this layer to Overlay.

Result: Lightning from hands

lightning form hands

Download Psd file


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