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Create A Stylish Dancer Photo Manipulation

In this tutorial we are going to show you how combining multiple stock images, and various design elements to create a stylish dancer photo manipulation. You will learn a variety of Photoshop techniques working with different tools. Mainly we will work with pen tool, filters, transformations, styles, blending options and many other Photoshop tools. We have also created a resource pack, where we placed all the elements necessary for creating this effect, therefore following this detailed tutorial you will easily learn new tips to create this effect.

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Final Image Preview

final Stylish Dancer Manipulation

Stocks Used:


Start with the document of size of 3000 x 2250 and make a new layer and fill it with the gradient of color
0290c7 to 06b3f5 to 0695ca.

1 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

2 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Next I add paper texture to the new layer. I desaturate then it and resize to fit the document and reduce the opacity to “28%” and blending mode to “Multiply” and erase some of the parts. You can find different types of textures on the net and also you can download this texture from the resource pack posted on this tutorial.

3 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Next make a new layer and take a large Soft edge brush of size and "800-1000px" reduce the flow to 5-7% and start brushing on the corners of the document and change the blending mode to “Soft light“.

4 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Then add a new Adjustment layer of color filter layer of “Cooling filter(82)”. Opacity reduce to “60%“.

5 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Its time to place our model or you can choose any picture of your choice. For cutout I generally use Pen tool, simply place points around the model and then Right-click and select Make selection with 0/1 radius. You can find different techniques, just Google it.

6 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Duplicate the image and flip vertical and place at the bottom to add shadow effect and reduce the opacity, see image below:

7 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

8 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Lets add more shadow to the image, make a new layer above model shadow layer and take a Soft edge brush of “20px” and follow,to 5-10% and start brushing around its shoes.

9 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

10 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

My final result look like this. You can add a Gaussian blur also to the shadow, play with the opacity bar to have natural look to the shadow.

11 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Make a new layer behind the model layer and take a large white Soft-edge brush and flow to “20-30%” paint it behind him and then make the size a bit smaller and choose color aae6fc with flow “15-20%
And paint it again.
My result look like this (see image below):

12 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Next I add some clouds behind the model, you can download different types of cloud brushes from the deviantart or use mine from the resource pack posted on this tut. Make a new layer behind the model and above the white layer which I made in step 8 and start brushing different clouds with white color where ever it looks good.

13 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

14 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Next I add stars and galaxy to the back ground. I search on the Internet for the galaxy and stars pictures and I found this one. You can too download it from resources pack. I have attached all the stock images, brushes which I used in the resource pack. Drag it to your canvas and reposition it to fit the size of the document and place it behind the model, see the image below. Change the blending option to “Color dodge” and a layer mask by hitting “add layer mask button” at the bottom of the layers palate, and start brushing with white to remove unwanted areas.

15 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

16 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

17 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

18 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

My area masked area look like this .Next I just add birds to the sky.

19 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Now go to your model layer ctrl + click the model layer to select the model and then make a new layer then go to Edit -> Stroke and change the following settings:

20 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

20a Stylish Dancer Manipulation

21 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

You can choose stroke path to 1px or 3px in my case I chose 2px. As soon as you hit ok you will get a stroke path around the models body and now select Move tool and move that path slightly upwards.
Reference image below.

22 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Repeat the above process again but this time choose different color, I chose bright yellow color and move it to the right of the model and erased stroke where I don’t like.

23 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Next I add some 3d abstracts behind the model. I find nice 3d abstracts and renders on Deviantart, there is a huge collection of abstract designs on the Internet. You can find abstracts which I used in this tut in the resource pack. Now just drag this image3cerc4d” to your canvas and place it behind the model and resize it.

Note: When you drag a image in CS4 and CS5, the image will always open as a smart object see the image below the symbol of the smart object highlighted in a circle. To edit an image you have to convert it to rasterize layer by right-click the selected layer and click rasterize layer button.

24 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

25 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

26 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Now Add a layer mask to the layer and start brushing the areas which are not looked good, see my result below:

27 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Next I duplicate this abstract twice and Free transformed and placed at different position. Try to experiment with it and repositioned it where it looks good and finally add a layer mask and remove parts which you think not looking good.

28 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Next I add more abstract designs, place this imagerender by k3-studio copy 3” to your canvas resize it and placed it behind the model.

29 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

30 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Next I duplicate abstract which I used in the above step and resize it and placed at different positions. For some abstract I changed the color by using Image -> Adjustment -> Hue/saturation and hit colorize button and do the following settings:

31 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

My result after placing all the abstracts is look like this:

32 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Next I add more depth to the image. Create a new layer below the abstracts layers and select Elliptical marquee tool and make a circle by holding shift key and fill it with black color.

33 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

Drag this circle behind the model’s head, see image below:

34 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Again make a new layer and this time we are going to make triangles with the help of Polygon tool (U). You have to enter the sides for the polygon ex. 3 for triangle, 4 for square…..etc.

35 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

36 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

After selecting the Polygon tool make sure that “paths” tab is selected see above picture and after drawing the path (I mean to say triangle), right–click and select fill path and fill with bright yellow. Finally select Pen tool and right–click and delete path.

37 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Next I made different sizes of triangles and place them over big black circle, look the image below for reference. Similarly I repeated these step once for another group of circle and triangles but this slightly smaller near his foot. You can do one thing also select the triangles and circle layers duplicate them resize it and place it.

38 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

39 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


This time I will add some curve lines, select Pen tool and make a new layer, draw a curve path as shown in the image below and make stroke path of hard brush size of “30-35pxwithout simulate pressure setting unchecked.

40 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

41 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

42 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Next we will edit this line in Liquify tool ( go to Filter -> Liquify). A new window will open which look like this:

43 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

And I use these tool which I mentioned in the above picture with different sizes, density and pressure.

First select forward Wrap tool (W) and settings to default i.e (size, density, pressure = 100, 50, 100) start click and drag to deform the line. Use Twirl tool, Bloat tool with different settings and feel free to experiment.

44 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

My result looks like this:

45 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Then I applied Layer styles -> Inner glow.

46 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

Colorf27457; Blend modeLinear dodge; Size9.


I repeat the above two steps (22, 23) for more lines.

47 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

48 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

Similarly add 2-3 more lines but this time with black in color.


Make a new layer and draw lines (lines should have a curve like it is hanging) one white and one black, see image below.

49a Stylish Dancer Manipulation

And then I place a bird on the line

49 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Now this time we add some text like it is hanging on it. Download the resource pack of this tutorial in that you will find Clothes clip open it up and place it into the canvas. After this write letters of “DANCE” on different layers and place it like I did. See the image below:

50 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Lets add some more lights make a new layer and take a Soft edge brush of color “f6e126“, size “200px” and brush it to his hand and elbow , repeat the process but this time take white soft edge brush slightly smaller and decrease the flow to “80-90%“.

51 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


It is almost completed, lets add more lines and shapes, make a rectangle (this layer should behind the model’s layer) and fill it with yellow color (ffff00) then hit Ctrl +T to Free transform, right + click and select perspective and change like I did in the second image below and place it near his shoes.

52 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

53 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

54 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

Then pick the Pen tool to make strokes of 1px around the yellow box with white and finally brush with Soft edge brush flow to “20%” around the corners of the box.

55 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

56 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

57 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

Similarly I add two more box, simply by duplicating the first one and resizing them. You can group them in a folder by selecting the layers which you want to group and hit Ctrl + G.


Lets add more shapes this time to the background make a new layer and select Pen tool start create polygon shapes and make selection by right-click and select “make selection”, select Gradient tool fill it with white to transparent, blending option – “Screen“, opacity – “30%“.

58 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

My result:

59 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Next add lines with the help of Pen tool or Pencil tool. Take a pencil of “2px“, color – “white“, opacity – “30%“.

60 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Final adjustments to the image. Select your model layer and add Hue/saturation adjustment layer, make sure to check “use previous layer as clipping mask” box.

61 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

Hue: +1; Saturation: -26; Blending: soft light; Opacity: 73%.

Next add Color balance adjustment layer and do the following changes.

62 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

63 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

64 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

Change the Blending option to Dissolve.


Add one more adjustment layer, this time selective layer, we will going to select blacks and do the following changes:

65 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

66 Stylish Dancer Manipulation


Finally make a new layer above all layers. Then go to Image -> Apply image and hit OK. Go to Filter -> Sharpen image upto “1.2 px“.

67 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

68 Stylish Dancer Manipulation

Final Result: A Stylish Dancer Photo Manipulation

final Stylish Dancer Manipulation

Download Psd file


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