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Create Creepy Bloody Text Effect in Photoshop

In this Photoshop text effect tutorial we will learn how to create realistic horror, bloody text effect on wood bark texture. At first we will create wood bark texture and than with some filters, blending modes and layers styles we will create pretty realistic text written in blood. I hope in this photoshop tutorial you will learn some new techniques that you will create in your works.

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Final Image Preview

bloody text effect


Create new document, size: 550 *350 px. At first we must create wood textures. To do that, go to Filter > Render > Fibers. Set Variance to 15, Strength= 4, click Ok. You can use Randomize to set more realistic wood texture. Result:

bloody text effect


Click Ctrl +S to save this texture as psd file. Now we must color our wood. Go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation. Set parameters like below:

bloody text effect


bloody text effect


Texture looks too light, so we need to shade it. Go to Image > Adjustments > Curves. Set parameters like below:

bloody text effect


bloody text effect


Activate Channels palette. By holding Ctrl, click on channel RGB, this action will select light parts of texture. Now go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation. Select Hue to 100, Saturation = – 56. Go to Edit > Fade. Turn down Opacity to 50%. Click Ok and than Ctrl + D, to deselect. Result:

bloody text effect


Our Wood texture is ready, now we must write text. We will use text: Psdeluxe ;) We will use standard font: Comic Sans Ms. I think everybody have this font. So, write your text. After you written your text, select Free transform tool and select best text placement for you.

bloody text effect


Now go you can play with text: set different size of letters.

bloody text effect


After you will done your text modification, go to Filter > Distort > Displace. On popup window say Yes, to rasterize text, set Horizontal and Vertical Scale 8 and select psd file, that you saved in 2 step. Now your text look little bit creepy.

bloody text effect


Now to make tree bark looks more realistic, we need to curve it. Activate background layer, click Ctrl + A. Go to Filter > Distort > Pherize, set Mode to Horizontal Only and set amount to 60%. Now activate layer with text and click Ctrl + F to repeat this filter to text.

bloody text effect


Create new layer, fill it with black color and drag it below background. Now activate wood texture, take Free Transform tool turn down texture width.

bloody text effect


Now select Gradient tool, take Linear Gradient. Select Foreground to Transparent gradient. Create new layer. Again take Gradient tool and click in left side and pull to center, that will overshade left side of texture. Do same with right side. Result:

bloody text effect


Now activate text layer and change it Blending mode to Color Burn. Duplicate text layer, to second text layer set Blending mode to Linear Light and set Fill to 30%.

bloody text effect


And the last step. Now we must add some layer styles to second text layer. Add Bevel and Emboss, set Depth to 40%, size 5 px, soften 0 px. Click on Gloss Contour and select Cove Deep and that’s all folks. And for more horror effect you can download blood and splatter brushes from brusheezy and add it to our image. So, here is result. We create creepy bloody text on wood bark texture. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you want get more tutorials from us, please subscribe to our Rss feed and you will get latest tutorials and posts directly to email.

Result: Creepy bloody text effect

bloody text effect

Download Psd file


3 Responses

  • Phil say:

    Great tutorial, it looks so cool especially during halloween

  • Hayley say:

    i didnt like this simply because it wasnt at all very well written.
    it was hard to understand in parts, such as what order to put your layers in, what colour you should have made your text etc..
    if you could make a better explained one it would be brill, thanks.


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