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Magic Golden Text Effect in Photoshop

In this Adobe Photoshop text effect tutorial we will learn how to create mystery golden text effect. Also, we will create old style background. As the result of this tutorial, we will get something like old mystery magic book cover with golden text on it. In this tutorial we mainly will work with layer styles. Layer styles is awesome Photoshop feature. With layers styles you can add some really cool effects to text, like grass, metal or water, but this time, we will create nice golden text effect on magic book. I hope you will learn some new Photoshop facilities that you will create in your works.

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Final Image Preview

magic golden text effect in Photoshop

Step 1

Go to [ File > New ] and open a new document with the dimension [ W: 800pixels X H: 600pixels ] and [ resolution 72 pixels/inch. Color mode: RGB / 16 bit ]

Step 2

Now double click on the “ set foreground color “ and the color picker window will open. Set the color value to #4a2600 and press ok. Now while the Background layer is selected press [ Alt + Backspace ] to fill the layer with foreground color. You can also fill it by going to [ Edit > Fill ].

magic golden text effect in Photoshop

Step 3

Open the image file named “Old paper texture” which we have provided with this tutorial. Select the whole image by pressing [ Ctrl + A ] and copy it [ Ctrl + C ]. Now select our main file where we are working and paste it [ Ctrl + V ]. The image will appear in a new layer on top of background layer. Lets rename this layer as “texture”.

magic golden text effect in Photoshop

Step 4

Now lets select the “texture” layer and change its blend mode to “Overlay”. You will notice that the “texture” layer has taken the color from its layer beneath while keeping its rusty effect.

magic golden text effect in Photoshop

Step 5

Now we will adjust its brightness and contrast to get a better look of what we have created so far. While the texture layer is selected go to [ Layer > New adjustment layer > Brightness/Contrast ]. It will open a pop up window, click OK. Now change the Brightness value to [ -28 ] and Contrast value to [ +56 ]. If the preview checkbox is selected you will see the change in real-time. Now click OK and you will notice a new layer has been added above “texture” layer and the whole image changed to a darker old tone more like a leather parchment. Now you have to remember that when you use an Adjustment layer, it affects all the layers beneath it.

magic golden text effect in Photoshop

Step 6

Lets get started with text, which I am sure you are most interested in..!! Select the type tool and write “THE GOLDEN” and “BOOK” in two different layers.


Font – Times
Size – 80pt
Anti aliasing – Sharp
Color – # ffc000


Font – Times
Size – 120pt
Anti aliasing – Sharp
Color – # ffc000

magic golden text effect in Photoshop

Step 7

Now lets give our text the 3D golden effect. Select the “THE GOLDEN” layer, go to [ Layer > Layer Style > Blending Options ]. A popup window will open with all the lists with checkbox. We will choose few of the check boxes to get our 3D look.

Step 8

First lets select “Bevel and Emboss” check box and set the values as Style – Inner Bevel
Technique – Smooth
Depth – 1000%
Direction – Up
Size – 4px
Soften – 0px
Angle – 120, check Use Global light
Altitude – 30
Highlight Mode – Screen [ color white ], Opacity 75%
Shadow Mode – Multiply [ color black ], Opacity 75%

magic golden text effect in Photoshop

Step 9

Select the check box “Texture” under Bevel and Emboss. Change the pattern to your desired one. I have selected the third one of top row and it gave me a nice detail texture on the surface of the font. Put “Scale” value to 127% and “Depth” to [ –30]. Check “Invert” & “ Link with Layer” box.

magic golden text effect in Photoshop

Step 10

Now lets give it some shadow to get the 3D feel better. Check “Drop Shadow” and set the values as Blend mode – Normal [color black ]
Opacity – 77%
Angle – 120, check “Use Global Light”
Distance – 0px
Spread – 6%
Size – 10px

magic golden text effect in Photoshop

How does it look..? Better doesn’t it? Ok, now lets give some other special features to it and make it more attractive.

Step 11

Select “Outer Glow” check box and set the values as below Blend Mode – Color Dodge
Opacity – 75%
Color – # ffffbe
Technique – Softer
Spread – o%
Size – 24px
Range – 50%
Jitter – 0%

magic golden text effect in Photoshop

Step 12

Now select the “THE GOLDEN” layer and right click on mouse and choose “Copy Layer Style”. Now select “BOOK” layer, right click on mouse and choose “Paste Layer Style”.
Well we need to change a few values on the “BOOK” layer so that it looks exactly like the other layer.
While selecting the “BOOK” layer, go to Layer > Layer Style > Blending Options and under “Bevel and Emboss” change size value to 6. This will give the font a sharp edge on the top surface.
There you have..!! A nice 3D text effect with a Golden look.

magic golden text effect in Photoshop

Download Psd file


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